Camper van conversion.The journey  begins...

The trannies

Gotta earn your keep boy

Also had lower arms and pulley + tensioner changed.

Brakes needed work too

The beauty is within

Overarching issue

Thy transit shall become rust if thou shall not preventith

Took it to the pros to weld (my welding is not up to this yet)


I cut this out

Getting there...

Saw this hack on interweb

This time i'll use templates

Battery outlet

I should of brought a panel van!

More insulation

Rust prevention

That's better


Time to finish the luggage compartment

I can see clearly now

Stick to the plan

The yearly oil

Good bye stupid wires

Reversing Cam Instal with help from my lil' bro

6.4 meters of cargo



This is taking a while

Time to get wielding

Failed the Mot

Starting the partition, rock and roll bed installed. Made to order by

Ordering the Alloy

That's better


18.04.18 Time for a lick of paint (and a bit of crud removal).

Useful for moving house

The last of the stickers to remove (thank the lord!)

Maiden voyage to Wales!

08.03.2019 Maiden voyage to Wales! It was raining at Afan, would you believe it??

Scots Unite

Scots 1st

Downrating Complete.

06.03.19 Downrating Complete. Thanks to SV Tech!

Trucker Life

The van now weighs 2.4 Tonnes Net, it was 2.7. Taking the rear seats out did the trick. Thanks to Duffield very helpful in weighing the van. Only £10 :)

The plan was to put my motorbike in the back and drive off into the sunset. What actually happened was Peter and I went to a garage around the corner to get tooled up. After two hours we managed to remove two off the smaller seats. It was painful, we even ended up saw one bolt off. Thank you Peter! Sunset well an truly missed!

Cheers Gary

Spent a Saturday morning wire brushing, spraying the underside and checking over the chassis etc under adult supervision


1st job is rust prevention when it comes to transits.

Hold onto your seats

Out with the old

20.12.18 It took 4 guys; myself, Peter the Scout Man and two helpful mechanics to get the GS into the Bus.

Always be prepared

People are nice to you when you're the scout master

Ogy ogy ogy

The Scouts are selling their bus!

To do list:

Window Trim

Living Area Floor



LED Light Bar + Loom

Access Platform

Rear Ladder


Book in Auto Electrician - use these guys tveuk


Solar Panels  

Rear Grilles

In progress:

Partition - top service by Richardsons who supplied the alloy box sections

Rear Window Insulation

Inverter Set Up
Leisure Battery Straps


Reversing Cam
Cam Screen - Pictures to Follow

Aux Lead

Roof Bars - Pictures to Follow

Wheels Refurb / Weld + Paint Towbar

Rock and Roll Seat - Pictures to Follow

Replace Badges

Remove Seats

Install Rock & Roll Bed made by Streamline Autobeds

Radio - Done 

Noise - Rear Diff Oiled thanks to Westover Garage
Ford Badge - Purchased
TDCI Badge- Purchased
New Wheel + Tyre  - Purchased

Down-plating by SvTech
Address Rust - Underneath Oiled 2019, 2020


By Sunday 31st April

Progress Rear Section:
Ply Line Walls
Battery + Bike Wash

Order Floor Matting

Plan Cabin Section


BY Sunday 09th AUGUST







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